Monday, June 18, 2012

A Word from our sponsors...

 Meet the sponsors of the Creativity Chip Mixer.  Learn more about their business and their brand!

 Meet Tangela!  Owner of Your Sensual Spots-

Your Sensual Spots is not just toys!  The mission is to provide you with high quality products at a very reasonable price!!!  Shop online 24/7 for thousands of lingerie, costumes, club/party dresses, transgender apparel, footwear and of course TOYS!!!!!!  Custom services include naughty baskets, passion parties and romantic evening planning! There is so MUCH more than I can list so give us a shot!!!!!

Orders can be placed via: WWW.YOURSENSUALSPOTS.COM
 meet the

Meet Kisha! CEO of the SweetandLowShow-

The SweetandLowShow was birthed from a love fashion, music, celebrity news etc.  Sweet and Low decided she wanted a place everyone could come to for their one stop shopping regarding fashion, celebrities and gossip. These things have always been a passion to her.

Hard Candy is a brand that Sweet and Low is coming out with.  She always knew she wanted to have her own fashion brand, so she decided to start working on t-shirts. "Hard Candy is were fashion meets fierce. Hard Candy is for the crazy women inside you. Someone that's fierce or someone that wants to be fierce. When I think of a woman I think hard exterior soft interior and of course everyone woman should taste like candy."  As you can see, Sweet and Low is very proud of her brand.  Her first collection will consist of bright colors of course and crazy quotes on pink crop tops, gray racer back tanks, and blue V-necks.  The first collection is called "Pink Sugar." The t-shirts will range from $22.99 to $24.99.

Check out her blog!

Meet Maria! Owner of Beads of Hope

Beads of Hope began just 1 month ago shortly after Maria Gilbert's mother had her breast cancer removed.  When her mother was diagnosed with cancer she felt helpless and lost.  She began making beaded bracelets as a distraction from her mother’s illness, and then she realized that by selling the bracelets she can help families in similar situations to hers.  She decided to make a pledge to the American Breast Cancer Foundation to sponsor a biopsy for someone in need.  Her mother is fortunate to have insurance but there are many out there who cannot afford lifesaving tests.  A cancer diagnosis is very devastating, but not being able to pay for care is worse.  She thanks God for her mother’s prognosis.  Luckily the cancer was found early and removed.  The biggest challenge she has faced with Beads of Hope is dealing with her own emotions.  There are times when she does not want to do anything but she forces herself to get up because she has a bracelet to make. By making these bracelets she can possibly save someone’s life.  Remembering this is her motivation and the best part of what she is doing.   She is most thankful for the support from friends, family and the community.  In the future, she would like to do some outreach, community service projects and other types of fundraising.  She would also like to focus on the family of cancer patients.  Want to contact Beads of Hope?

Instagram – beads_of_hope

 Meet Linnea! Owner of Linn TV Productions
Linnea has follow her passion of videography, editing and photography.  She has mastered the art of capturing moments via film.  She began exploring her interest in editing and filming videos by shooting and editing projects for free.  The idea was to gain the experience.  Now that she has adequate experience and top notch equipment, expect her high quality videos to come with an affordable price.  Whats her mission?  She wants to elevate the minority in the world of film, editing and directing.

Check her out at:

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